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With global warming heating up the planet and populations expanding at unprecedented rates, it's more important than ever for us to protect the only home we have. Earth Day not only brings awareness to an important cause, but gives you the opportunity to have some fun with it.

Celebrations and creative activities are planned all over the country, but where better to celebrate than in the Great Smoky Mountains? Nature's beauty surrounds you, and everywhere you look the world is alive with springtime blooms. And in this family-friendly location, you'll find plenty of fun for the kiddos, too.

Going Green Is Easy

The week kicks off with an educational breakfast that will help make your home a greener place. You'll learn easy ways to recycle, save our precious resources, and limit your impact on the environment. Just by putting these simple ideas into practice, you can do your part to leave a cleaner planet for your children and grandchildren.

This event is designed for adults, but older kids with a passion for the environment will enjoy it as well. Whether you bring the kids or not, though, you'll learn fun ways to go green that you can share with everyone back home.

Entertainment For All Ages

Mynatt Park hosts the Earth Day Festival on April 23 from 3 pm to 7 pm. Bring the kids and enjoy plenty of games, crafts and food. You'll learn all about easy green practices you can put to use at home, plus enjoy live music and other fun. Best of all, proceeds benefit local charities, educational events, and the Gatlinburg Goes Green program, so you can feel good about an afternoon of fun.

Race In The Earth Day 5K

Be sure to mark April 24, 2015, on your calendar. There's lots to celebrate in and around Gatlinburg throughout the week, but Earth Day brings a very special event to downtown: the Earth Day 5K.

This 4th annual event begins at 10 pm, for a fun nighttime run to celebrate our environment and help promote sustainable practices every day of the year. The whole family is invited to participate, and you don't have to be a track star. At just over 3 miles, it's an easy walk to support a great cause.

Kids Get Growing

Youngsters love to get involved in all the Earth Week activities, but this one is made just for them. The Children's Planting Program at Mills Park Pavilion teaches pre-K through grade 6 how to use recyclable materials to make different styles of flowerpots. They'll even plant a flower to take home as a reminder to treat our planet well.

Earth Week is a time of celebration, and there's simply no better place to be than amid the splendor of the Great Smoky Mountains. Surrounded by hundreds of miles of old-growth forest, with the fresh scent of spring flowers in the air, we're reminded of all the beauty the earth has to offer. Share the fun with your family this April in Gatlinburg.

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